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Quite often, we get to hear cases of broken relationship & marriages since one or both parties assert to have fallen out of affection with the other. Or at times, it could be an event of misunderstanding where one party assumes the other has fallen out of affection whilst that is not the case actually. The reality is that it requires way more than announcements of love to make a bonding work. Women demand both words & actions.

So, men this post is particularly written for you. If you’re in a relationship with a girl or you’re planning to develop a relationship; here are few tips to keep your woman in love or make her fall for you.

Be a great listener:

You must know how much we women like to talk or gossip you may say and how we love to share every emotion that comes across our mind. Displaying your lady that you are a fantastic listener express her that her words matters to you a lot. It even goes further than listening as memorizing things that she mentioned earlier like her pet’s name, her father’s birthday, or anything that’ll make her feel special.

Take Your Girl Shopping:

Just as watching your favorite football club is a vital thing to you, so does shopping to women. Though excess shopping will make a hole in your wallet, make it a responsibility to take her shopping at least once a week.

Be a Great Planner:

When a guy plans, it is nearly as exhilarating as him proposing. Women love this and really get fascinated when they discover their partner is planning to cook something special for them or planning a romantic dinner in the coziest of restaurants in your city. It displays that you are competent of putting effort to make her delighted.


When a guy does anything for his girl that he would not typically wish to perform or that is not appropriate for him, it makes the girl feel pretty close to his heart. The fact is being thoughtful and sweet always travels a long way when it is about we women.

Make Your Girl Relish Close Moments:

As a Liverpool escort I don’t believe any women would adore a guy who’s selfish in the bed. The matter of the fact is when a guy gives attention towards a girl’s needs in the bed: it makes her sense pretty excited and elated. It is nearly like triumphing a tournament! In addition you even get an additional commendation if it is from something you would not generally do.

Care for Her Family:

When you don’t love her family, you offer her an impression that you’re not a family man and believe me, most women likes guys that are ardent regarding family. When your guy gets closer with your family members and makes whole members like him, he is extra pleasing.

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